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South Laos Package Tour : Air

" Daily Departure "

Tour Code:  SL/3D2N-Air
Duration :  3Days/Nights

Day 1: Bangkok - Ubol Rachathani - Pakse - Wat Phu

04.45 Hrs. Pick up from Hotels in Bangkok on Sukhumvit are , Surawong , Silom , Rama 4 Rd., with sent the guests to Bangkok Air Port.
06.35 Hrs. Departure from Bangkok by Thai Air Way No.TG020 to Ubonrachathanee Province .
VIP.Van for tranfer from Hotel in Bangkok to Air Port. Thai Air Way, Domestic Flight TG 020
07.40 Hrs. Arrival Ubol Rachathani International Air-port ( The Country of Lotus ) and welcome to Ubolrachathanee province, and then, Our staff will take you to Thai - Laos border ,Welcome the quests at the Lao.
09.45 Hrs.Arrival Thai - Laos border (Chongmek) After the passport declaration we leave the border on the road No 14 to Pakse distance about (Km44) Before arriving Pakse town. We have to pass the second bright of the Mekong River. And we take about for (40 Minutes) After arriving. We leave our Luggage at the hotel. Then we continue our trips WAT PHU (the ancients KUMER Pagoda) about KM 47 far from Pakse by passing the former capital of the southern Laos kingdom (Champasak) which dated from the beginning for 18 centaury. This small antique town situated along the right of the Mekong river. After that sightseeing of the old Khmer temple. And we return back to champasak town where.
12.00 Hrs. lunch ( SAYTHONG restaurant) then crossing the Mekhong River by ferry boat for the next sightseeing (OUMPMOUNG) the second ancient KHMER sanctuary Which located about KM20 from CHAMPASAK after this ancient KHMER temple
16.00 Hrs.we drive back to Pakse and dinner at DOK KHOMN restaurant /stay overnight at SENG-A-LUN Hotel.
Ubol Rachathanee International Air port. Mea Khong River View , befor arrive Wat Phu
Wat Phu , the second world heritage in Laos PDR. Scenery of Wat Phu

Day 2: Pakse - Khonphapeng Fall - Lee Phee Fall

07.00 Hrs.Morning time after breakfast..
08.00 Hrs.Our Guide pick up you from the hotel lobby and take you to NAKASANG village Pier
10.00 Hrs.Arrive NAKASANG village Pier.and Then (about 14 KM from Pakse) where we construe by speed boat to DONE KHONE/DONEDET (the place of four thousand Inland) where we will see the old French house/steam locomotive bridge/steam locomotive engine,
12.00 Hrs.
Lunch at Konpapeng Fall Restuarant.
13.00 Hrs.Enjoy Time Start to the biggest water fall of asia.The last in afternoon we come back to Pakse.
18.00 Hrs.Dinner at pakse town on at SENG ALUNE Hotel.
Steam locomotive engine. Li Phi Fall
Kone Phapeng Fall Scenery of Konpha peng fall

Day 3:  Pakse - Tadfane Fall - Phasuam Fall - Chongmek - Bangkok

07.00 Hrs.Morning time after breakfast. and today is the last day in Pakse,
08.00 Hrs.we will go on the BOLOVEN PLATEAU, the rich soil for any kind of plantations (including with coffee/tea/cardamom/fruit tree plantation and various of vegetable) we see the high test water fall (TAD FAN) about 38 KM from Pakse and see some coffee/tea plantations. Then we drive back to T Junction of the road at KM No. 21 where we continue to TAD PHASUM the second water fall on the plateau and around this water fall we could see the model of different ethnic groups house with the tribes where we can take good photos,
12.00 Hrs.Lunch at the water fall. After lunch we drive back Pakse for shopping at the market. And then continue to the Laos-Thai border .
14.45 Hrs.Leave from Pakse to Laos - Thai border.
15.00 Hrs.Arrival Laos - Thai border and After the passport declaration.
20.15 Hrs.Departure from Ubolrachathanee by Thai Air Way No. TG031 to Bangkok .
Tad Fane Water Fall, the hightest water fall in Laos PDR. Hill Tribe Village in Ba Jieng Park.
Pha Suam Fall Scenery around Tad Pha Suam Fall

Arrival Bangkok at  21.20 Hrs.

Returning to Bangkok by Thai Air way TG 031 Welcome to Bangkok.

Accommodations in Pakse

Tour price per person of Package A (Star from Bangkok)

Pax 2-3 4-5 6-8 9-10 


Price per person

16,000  14,000  13,000   12,000 with Itinerary
Tour Price include :
• Transportation ( VIP.Van) from Hotel in Bangkok to Bangkok Air-port.
• Round trip Domestic Air (Bagnkok-Ubol-Bangkok)
• Transportation ( VIP.Van) from Ubol to Chonk Mek border.
• Accommodation in Laos.  
• All meals list on the itinerary.
• All entrance fee  
• Local English Speaking Guide.

Tour price per person of Package B (Star from Ubol)

Pax 2-3 4-5 6-8 9-10 


Price per person

11,900  8,900  7,900  6,900  Pick up at Ubolrachathanee
Tour Price include :
• Transportation ( VIP.Van) from Ubol to Chonk Mek border.
• Accommodation in Laos.  
• All meals list on the itinerary.
• All entrance fee  
• Local English Speaking Guide.
Tour Price Exclude
• Visa Fee. 




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