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About Loas PDR.

Lao P.D.R. ( The Lao People.s Democratic Republice )article

Loas P.D.R. & South of Laos is the most traditionally Lao region of the country and is beginning to take off as a tourist destination, especially with the opening of the Lao-Cambodian border on the Mekong, making overland Indochina trips an enticing possibility. Some of the highlights of the region include the stunning Khmer temple of Wat Phu, Kong phapeng water fall,Liphi water fall,Tad Fane fall,Tad phasuum fall etc, and the natural attractions of the Bolaven Plateau and scenes of tranquil Mekong life around Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands).

Provinces of Laos PDR.
Attapu   | Bokeo | Bolikhamxai | ChampasakHouaphan  Khammouan | Loung Namtha | Louangphabang
Oudomxai | Phongsali | Salavan | Savannakhet  Vientiane Capital | Xaignabouli | Xekong | Xiangkhoang

Art and Culture of Laos PDRarticle

Art & Culture One of the trademarks of Laos is the diversity of its people and cultures. There are a number of traditional arts and crafts that represent their way of life. Lao has a rich cultural heritage with religious art and architecture forming the cornerstone of artistic traditions. 

Entering Laos PASSPORT / VISAarticle

All visitors entering Laos must possess valid passports. Visa can obtained from Lao Embassies and Consulates abroad. In addition, visa can also be obtained on arrival at the international Checkpoint.

Event & Festival of Laos PDR 2008article

Event & Festival of Laos PDR.
Laos cerebrates many annual festivals called "Boun",
 which are particularly enjoyable and beautiful, signifying traditional

Restaurants and Bakeries of Laos PDRarticle

 Restaurants and Bakeries List of restaurant in Vientiane Capital L'Opera Italian Restaurant
P.O.Box: 5775, Numphu Square, Pangkham Street, Ban Xieng Yeun, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.
Tel: (856-21) 215 099. Fax:(856-21) 216 294.  Type of Cuisine: Western, European Dish. 

Ghest House and Resort in Laos PDR.article

Guesthouses & Resorts List of provinces Phongsaly Luang Namtha Bokeo Sayabouly Oudomxay Luang Prabang Houaphanh Xieng Khouang Vientiane Vientiane Capital Bolikhamxay Khammouane Savannakhet Salavanh Sekong Champasack Attapeu

Hotel in Laos PDRarticle

Laos Hotel List of provinces Phongsaly Luang Namtha Bokeo Sayabouly Oudomxay Luang Prabang Houaphanh Xieng Khouang Vientiane Vientiane Capital Bolikhamxay Khammouane Savannakhet Salavanh Sekong Champasack Attapeu etc.

Embassies and Consulated Abroad in Laos PDRarticle

Lao Embassies and Consulates Abroad
No Countries Ambassador Address  1 AUSTRALIA H.E. Mr. Vichit XINDAVONG
Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Lao PDR 1, Dalman Crescent Omalley, A.C.T. 2606, Canberra, 

Pakse Southern of Laosarticle

The furthest big city in The South of Loas, it lies on the Hub of all routes and is the gate way to the
South leading to such places as Vat Phou  and Phou Assaa.

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