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Highlights of South Laos.

Vat Phu ( World Heritage in South Laos LAOS PDR. )article

Vat Phu is the second world heritage (after Luang Phrabang) in the Lao People's Democratic Republic ( Lao PDR ) , which was declared by UNESCO on 25 December 2002.Vat Phu is a famous place, worthy of being worshipped by the nation in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. It is located at the foot of the holy mountain, call Phou Kao, immediately commands ones attention because of its shape, identified in ancient time with the linga, the phallic symbol of Shiva. The remains of which (large earthen enclosure walls) are barely visible on the ground, although they appear quite clearly on aerial pictures.

Li Phi Water Fall in South Laos PDRarticle

Located on Don Khon, west of Ban Khon Village, Liphi Waterfall is another amazing natural site to visit in Champasack Province. A calmer section of the river below the falls forms a natural habitat for the endangered fresh water dolphins. rage over ragged boulders. Although a drop of only several metres, the volume and power of the falls is impressive and the ambience agreeable. .

Tad Pha Suam Water Fall of South Laos PDR.article

Tad Pha Suam Water fall It took over five years for businessman Wimol Kijbamrung to turn an undeveloped stretch of land in Bajieng district in the Lao province of Champasak into a unique resort where tourists can enjoy a peaceful break close to nature. However, one week after Bajieng Resort was officially opened on Dec 5, 2003,

Tad Fane Water Fall of South Laos PDR.article

Tad Fane Falls, Pakxong, Laos, 2005
In the far south of Laos,  a pair of waterfalls plunging 800 feet into a forest gorge. The sheer drop of water is so breathtaking that Tad Fane would be among the most popular waterfalls in the world if not hidden in a remote section of Laos. The light and color in the surrounding foliage brings the image to life. I also found two thin tall trees that seemed to mimic the narrow twin cascades of water, and moved my vantage point so that the two trees separate the two falls. This greatly improves the structure of my wideangle composition. When I first photographed these twin falls without the trees between them, I produced a visually beautiful yet static picture post card image, crippled by the abundant amount of negative space nature had placed between the cascades. Inserting the twin trees between the cascades, I not only create rhythmic repetition, but I also tripled yet narrowed the overall amount of negative space, energizing the picture. Each of the three narrow strips of negative space adds vertical tension to the image. I also framed the falls both top and bottom in foliage to shift perspective and give an illusion of depth. (The mid-flow crater in the right hand cascade was particularly impressive. I made a close-up image of that crater with my long lens, in back and white. You can see it in my black and white gallery

Khong Pha Peng water falls the " Niagara of the East "article

When the water level falls back again in the dry season, thousands of small islands rise from the river, giving the area the name Si Phan Done (4000 islands). The biggest island with 55,000 inhabitants is Done Khong, a peaceful place for an overnight visit. Several waterfalls drop over the escarpment. Some of the most spectacular are Tat Phan with height of 120 meters and Khon Pha Pheng. Another interesting island in this area is Done Khone.

Bachiang Resort ,Hill Tribe Vllage in South Laos PDR.article

Although I lost my sight, I could hear the happy sounds around the resort, such as a tourist talking to a bird, the sound of dishes and happy diners in the restaurant, as well as praise from many of our visitors,'' he said.
The resort includes 14 wooden bungalows decorated with vines and other natural materials found in the nearby forest. The bathroom has no roof, but is shaded by a large tree.Each bungalow is located near a flowing stream and the resort compound features lots of plants, providing visitors with a clean and fresh feeling. In addition to the bungalows, visitors can also opt to enjoy a home-stay experience, through which they can learn more about the culture and languages of hilltribe people.

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